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Feb. 22nd, 2009

Nutkin's family


Another note to self:

Do not buy dodgy, unrealiable shoes.

Do not be fooled by they're initial attractiveness.

They are evil...and dangerous.

The consequences:

Tripping over said shoes and grazing right knee. Deeply.

Also creating a hole in favourite pair of jeans. :(

This occurred on the 20th of February, at work. Lets see how long it takes to heal...The jeans too. Neither will leave without a scar!

Feb. 8th, 2009



Notes to self!~

Today I:
- got phone credit
- started using new toothbrush ;D

That is all.

Sep. 19th, 2008

Nutkin's family

Omgoodness! 44 weeks since last post?!

I swear it hasn't been that long! At least its not 52 ;P

Yes I believe this event to be momentous enough to break my posting drought ;P And yep you guessed it...naturally the topic is food!

Well seeing how rarely I have anything but cereal for brekky…tis a special day!

So I bought a small jar of Crunchy Peanut Butter…twas reduced so I couldn’t resist seeing what all the fuss is about! (Yes tis the first time I've purchased PB and my second taste of it...but i dont count that one so technically its my first!)

I ended up having the infamous peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Knowing me though, I doubt I had it the traditional way….if there is one ;P (I am assuming jelly means something more like jam, I always thought that’s what was used, one day I’d like to try it with proper jelly!)

So to remember this for the future I shall explain exactly what I had. Bear with me…I’m sure it’ll be of some amusement to yall, at least!

First I toasted one slice of bread, spread PB on it and cut it into quarters. On one quarter I put blackberry jam and the other I had blood orange & lime jam. Squish together and savour. Repeat!

I toasted another slice of bread (didn’t do both together coz it’ll get cold! Flavour savouring takes time ppl!). Spread PB and quartered. We have some relatively ripe bananas atm, so I sliced half of one up and placed it on top of the PB. Drizzled with maple syrup as its easier to apply than the jar of honey which is almost empty…and twas just as yummy! Lastly sprinkled with cinnamon. YUMMY!

I am just starting to understand the Americans obsession with PB. Tis very niiice! Not something I’d have toooo often though. We’ll see how long it takes to get through this small jar. There’s no doubt each time I do have it, it’ll be in a different form ;P

But, I’m not done yet! Don’t forget we still have the other half of the banana. Prepare yourself….this next one is a bit strange. So mum has these rice cake things that she doesn’t really eat much of and are quite plain without something on it. So yup u guessed it I used a rice cake.

If you’re not sure what I’m going on about, these are pretty much exactly what we have:

There are others that come with they’re own flavour and are nice, but a lil salty. I’ve tried the first four!

So I spread a little PB on one, topped with the rest of the sliced banana and drizzle with lots of fig jam! Saweet! ;D

I cant wait to try: http://www.smuckers.com/fg/pds/default.asp?groupid=2&catid=4&prodid=106, which Carmela got for us a little while ago! It’s PB and jelly in the one jar! Maybe it’ll actual jelly! How exciting!

Now how do yall have peanut butter, if/when you do. Share ur stories or we’ll be heading for another post-less season. And gimme more ideas for interesting brekkies! I’m sick of cereal…well actually it’s a love/hate relationship ;P But it annoys me to waste so many opportunities!

Edit: This was written yesterday.. So all this happened on Thursday September 18th! Dodgy nets….what bad timing! And now this post isn’t as satisfying. Hohum.

Nov. 11th, 2007


Japan, here I Come!


(I was gonna wait till I actually got the tickets, to make sure I'm not disappointed...but they're booked...which is close enough, isnt it?)

There is much to fit into the 10 day trip, starting January 12th.

My stomachs doing somersaults and crazy lil dances in anticipation of all the wonderful, different foood it gets to try!

Recs of food, places to visit, things to doo and buy and general advice would beee most nice! =D

Sep. 30th, 2007

Nutkin's family

21st Party!

Deary me, its been almost 2 months since I updated! And when do I choose to break the silence...but the last day of Mid-semester break. Smaart aint i? Buut I cant heeelp it. I just had to relate the NINE COURSE MEAL from last night's party. (Happy Birthday Jenny! Who looked pretty in hot pink) :D And this way I dont have to repeat myself and I wont forget all the goodies...even though I did take a menu..

Let the Feast begin!Collapse )

Aug. 7th, 2007

choc balls

Chocolate List!

Last weekend I dd some chocolate shopping! =D

Twas of course after a lovely lunch at The Glen. Then Safeway provided:
1. 'Select' Chocolate Fingers (Biscuits)
2. Green & Blacks Dark Chocolate with orange and spices
3. Green & Blacks 70% Dark Chocolate
4. Cadbury Breakaway

And from Darrel Lea:
5. Chocolate Covered Sultanas

Number 2 and 5 have been opened and are quite nice. Luckily #2 only had 0.1% fruit and spices, so it was nice and subtle. But nothing beats milk choc! But then 2 and 3 were mainly for Dad. #5 therefore would have been better if it was milk, but they only had dark choc. And they're smaller and less plump. But there's quality! =P

Dad had also bought two chocolate cakes, one with a raspberry flavour and both with icing =D

Aug. 3rd, 2007

choc balls

Blood Group!

Yes, after I dont know how long, I have finally found out my blood group =D Which is......B =D Didnt get to find out the rhesus factor though. But thats ok, for now. Funny how I end up doing this in a physiology prac, rather than at the doctors. But I ain't complaining =D

yupyup, that is my news. We also dissected and fiddled around with a sheep's heart. Interesting. And bloody. Ew.

Jul. 26th, 2007

choc balls


Ever hit the funny bone, in exactly the right spot for it to temporary paralyse your whole arm? I did a few days ago. *OWCH* THE PAIN! AND IT LEFT A BRUISE. Silly metal pointy knob. AND DAD for tickling me! AKHGKJHKFAHGKF.

And so much for my Mondays off. I knew it was too good to be true. I had to swap my Tuesday afternoon prac for Monday morning. Why would 40 people withdraw from a unit, all at once, causing the lecturer to cancel one of the pracs. What are the chances that he had to choose the prac I'm in! ARGH.


In happier news, my cousin came to stay with us on Tuesday, and he's staying till he finds his own place. =D

More random news: I finally got Garnier Fructis, Sleek & Shine. Used it for the first time tonight, and it really does smell fruity! Apparently I'll have to wait 5 washes to see if it can tame my mane =P But I'm pretty sure there's nothing out there that can de-frizz my hair, I'm just trying everything to see which gets closest =P More rec's are welcome!

Lotsa new food has also been purchased and consumed! =D

Jul. 11th, 2007

choc balls

Pamper session!

I finally used the pressie the brother gave - for a beauty lounge...well half of it. My first time at one of these places and it was very interesting and sooo relaxing! I had an 'Essential Back Treatment' which was a 'facial for the back' XD and an 'Elemental Nature Facial'. Apparently my skin is dehydrated. Can't say I'm surprised though.

This was followed by lunch in Chapel Street =D T'was quite a late lunch at about 3pm! My stomach was grumbling through the back 'facial' XP

Now what to use the rest of the voucher on... any ideas/recs?

Jun. 29th, 2007

choc balls

List of things to do

1. Go to The Cuckoo!
2. Get a new pair of Jeans
3. Get another Job
4. Get a pair of slip-on runners and black shoes
5. Play more piano
6. Continue the 'Sunflowers' painting
7. Cook parents a meal
8. Read more Top 100 books
9. Write a letter
10.Go to City again

These should hopefully be done by the end of the holidays.

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